Who I am 

…. and how Revitalize Mind Body Soul was born!

Welcome to my world! I am Cristina Iacob!

How is my sparkling dream affecting your reality? When you stick with me, in my world, you sustainably and surely build the energy levels you always wanted, the vitality, health and open heart to volunteer and inspire others! Join me! It’s a sparkling reality full of colorful bubbles, smiles and wonders!

I create a safe, loving healing and breathing space for life loving, adventurous warrior princesses like yourself!

Bringing Complete Balance! Mind, Body & Soul!

Let’s revitalize you. A healthy, loved, focused, inspired and full of energy you!

Trying to stay on top of your healthy habits, but tired of information overload?

Coconut oil, red palm oil, unicorn oil! Give me 1 answer. What should I fry my eggs in? What kind of eggs are healthiest?

And no going around the bush! 1 answer!!!

That’s how I felt for such a long time! Good thing I’m a curious dork and love doing research and staying on top of all this info. I’ve been doing it for almost a decade now, so I have a uncanny sense about what’s in to last and what’s just a new shinny little marketing shooting start product that dies at sunset!

Plus, I’ve always wanted a simple & concise Action Plan that I could follow and see my health and my vitality improve in a sustainable way!


My secret weapon …. drums please….

Authentic therapeutic yoga!

I went to its source, in Thailand and learned it in a yoga school who’s swami translates the ancient knowledge directly from saskrit!

How did I end up drinking the healing yoga kool-aid?

On my quest to get rid of my killer migraines, hip displacement, hormonal imbalance and complete lack of energy and concentration ability, after getting my Holistic Nutritionist Certificate in the US, I decided to deepen my knowledge with hands-on experience at a clinic of alternative medicine in Asia – where it all comes from!

I’ve seen miracles happen with the help of Authentic Therapeutic Yoga (no aerobic music driven gymnastics that westerners call yoga)! That coupled with purification techniques, personalized meditation techniques and diet guidelines! Miracles!!!

From suicidal depression to progressive bone deterioration and years upon years of chronic pain! Migraines! Fertility issues! Hormonal imbalances! You name it!

This healing yoga saga made a believer out of the rational, scientifically proof needing, logical and corporate mindset gal that left the US to go on this journey years ago.

I fully and completely believe! I BELIEVE in your miracle!


So, join me, in my world, where miracles (according to the common western medicine) happen all the time! All I need is your full commitment! And I shall repay you with  the same kind of commitment to your health goals, in a sustainable way!