Are cherries as good as berries?

As a kid I couldn’t wait for cherry season! Man-o-man, wasn’t that an addictive fruit! I would eat so much it was always hard to climb down the cherry tree!

I didn’t care about all the benefits of cherries, that I now know about. Back then, I just wanted any delicious fruit I could fist in my mouth!

Now most of us don’t have a cherry tree to climb in and eat to our heart’s content, so why should be exchange out hard earned dollar on those mouthwatering cherries?

1. Antioxidants – cherries are full of them, anthocyanin, to be more exact.Antioxidants bond with free radicals to make them harmless. Anti-aging, fights cancer, goes after bacterial infections, diabetes, helps your heart, brain and a ton more. Ease muscle soreness.

2.Melatonin – in natural form. Very few foods contain melatonin. Regulates body temperature, natural sleep cycles. Melatonin gets easily destroyed my stress and polution, so eat your cherries!

3. Anti-inflammatory – perfect for countering arthritis.  In a USDA study, about 2 cups fresh sweet Bing cherries daily decreased uric acid levels by 15% and also lowered C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation.

4. Healthy Heart – lower amount if cholesterol, decreased blood sugar, low fat storage in liver – according to a Univ of Michigan 2007 study.

5. Fiber – packed with fiber = healthy digestive system. Helps prevent colon & rectal cancer.

6. Vitamin C – boost immune system, fights hypertension, cataracts, helps clean lead out of your blood.

7. Vitamin A – strengthens bones and teeth, clear & healthy skin and hair, lower cholesterol, better vision, helps the heart and lungs.

8. Potassium – cherries are rich in this mineral. Small bowl = a banana. Helps stabilize blood sugar, improves brain function, alleviates anxiety and stress.

9. Memory Booster – anthocyanin contained in cherries, increase blood flow to the brain = better memory

10.Weight loss – a healthy snack that will keep you satisfied for longer. Also, anthocyanins, especially in tart cherries, activate a molecule that helps rev up fat burning and decrease fat storage.


Short for why:

luscious hair
beautiful skin & nails
restful sleep
memory booster
mood stabilizing
balance blood pressure
ease sore muscles
weight loss
fights cancer