Namaste! I’m Cristina Iacob    cristina     

Former left-brain corporate worker turned Creator of the Yoga-Eat-Play program. I like to build bridges for women like you caught between imbalance and balance with exercise tips, eating healthy, and finding ways to play more in everyday life.

It helps that I’m “crack-ass” smart and I make it fun to train your body and mind to be balanced and healthy.

Seriously though...

Why did I transition from the corporate world to the world of sun salutations and downward-facing dogs?

Because I believe that the true joy of life comes from being centered. When you are able to love yourself, and be who you truly are, the world becomes a better place.

So let’s start with a quick exercise, I like to call it.. “Stop doubting your own abilities and choices, so you will feel more at peace and confident.”

I’m waving my magic wand and giving you permission to trust your own judgment in all of the important decisions you make in your day to day life. Now breathe.

Feeling better already? Good.

Up until now, you may have felt that you were missing some of the joy you once had in your life. You see plenty of people who inspire you, but you don’t see yourself as a source of inspiration to others.

At times, you might even feel that you’re not in control of your own life. The ups and downs have you feeling like a nauseated hamster caught in a wheel.

The gift I have for you is the strength to go through the ups and downs. And the flexibility to quickly come back to that balanced state where you feel at peace and in control of your emotions.


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to walk around in the dark in a new surrounding? But at home, you can walk from one side of the house to the other with the lights off, no problem.

Developing the ability to find your way back to that serene and peaceful state is just like navigating that darkened room. All it takes is practice and familiarity. Eventually, getting back to that place will be as easy as walking around your home with your eyes closed.

Once you know what it feels like to be awake, aware and present, it’s easy to navigate yourself back into that space.

Look, I know right now the idea of stopping to relax and breathe only stresses you out more. But you know that if you don’t change something, you’re going to continue to feel like you might burn out at any minute.

When you’re ready to flip the switch from worry and anxiety to calm and focus, I’m here for you.

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Buckle up, my journey to relaxation was a wild ride!

During my second year of college, the migraines began. They hit and they hit hard! The pain of my headaches was the only thing that yelled louder than the stressful thoughts racing through my mind.

I pushed my way through college. In my fourth year of working on Wall Street, my migraines became so debilitating that my doctors put me on morphine. My underlying anxiety was left unchecked, and it wreaked havoc on my mind and body.

Had I been raised in the US, I might have been diagnosed and treated for anxiety. But being that I am from Romania, where illness is seen as a vulnerability and a weakness, I fought to maintain my lifestyle without letting the problems be seen by others.

By that point it had become more than just killer migraines. I also had hip displacement, hormonal imbalance, a complete lack of energy and an inability to concentrate.

On my quest for answers and improving my own health, I got my Holistic Nutritionist Certificate in the US. Then I decided to pursue even more knowledge with hands-on experience at a clinic of alternative medicine in Asia – where holistic medicine all comes from!

I knew that there had to be a better way. And that’s how I found therapeutic yoga.

I’ve seen miracles happen with the help of Authentic Therapeutic Yoga (not the typical yoga classes you see happening in your gym)! When you couple this yoga with purification techniques, personalized meditations and customized diet guidelines, you cannot help but see a complete transformation!

I’ve seen it all. From suicidal depression to progressive bone deterioration, chronic pain to infertility. You name it, I’ve seen it CURED. Miraculously.

This healing yoga saga has made a believer out of this rational, scientific-proof-needing, corporate gal. I fully and completely believe in the power of this process. I believe that your miracle awaits!

Things That Make Me Say, “Ommmm” Yeah:

  • My favorite indulgence is a freshly baked croissant with homemade jam at this tiny quaint French bakery. It’s owned by a darling welcoming French couple in Thousand Oaks. Vive la France!
  • I can’t live without comedy (and yoga, of course).
  • My favorite way to sweat is infrared or herbal saunas, and lazily absorbing vitamin D while toasting in the sun with a good book in hand.
  • My biggest weakness is lazy mornings.
  • Most people don’t know I wrote a fiction book and that I have an artistic side. I like drawing with charcoal.
  • To me, living it up means seizing every moment. Living in the present. Don’t be scared to look silly. Laugh. Love. And do the crazy chicken dance every time you get the smallest win. Take that leap of faith! Celebrate life with the people who care about you! Every day!

Professional Bio:


Cristina Iacob is the creator of Yoga-Eat-Play, a revolutionary approach to supporting her clients through physical, mental, and emotional challenges. She builds bridges for women caught between imbalance and balance with therapeutic yoga, eating healthy, and finding ways to play more in everyday life.

She connects women in the corporate world to healing through alternative medicine with her Access Your Relaxation On Demand course. She masterfully guides left-brain thinkers like herself on a logical, studies and physiology-based ride to understanding a better way to live and take care of their mind, body, and soul.

Along the way she became a Certified Yoga Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, certified Medical Thai Massage Therapist and a certified Chakra Balancing Therapist. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Live Strong, eHow Fitness, Houston Chronical - Fitness and Natural News. Whether you are facing some “health hiccups” or emotional challenges, Cristina has the skills and training to develop a customized program that may very well bring about miracles in your quality of life.

Cristina believes every woman deserves to find a safe, loving, healing space where they can breathe more easily and tune in while listening to their mind and body.

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