Hepatits A – not the end of the world!

What is Hepatitis A?

Simply put, it’s an inflammation of the liver associated with damaged or dead liver cells.

Symptoms: loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, fever, nausea, vomiting, dark urine (not always).

Scary part is that a person is contagious 2 weeks before the symptoms even begin!

What causes Hepatitis A?

The American Liver Foundation determined that there are 5 different viruses (A,B,CD,and E)that cause hepatitis.

Hepatitis A is contagious for at least 3 weeks and because it’s spread through feces (no shit!), a thorough toilet hygiene and hand and cloth washing is a MUST.

Other causes for Hepatitis:

  •  excessive alcohol consumption
  •  drug abuse = including meds like acetaminophen – hello Tylenol, Night/DayQuil and so many other pain killers and drugs  –check label (list of medication with acetaminophen)
  •  overexposure to certain chemicals (eg. dry-cleaning fluids)


ALWAYS wash your hands and your fruits and veggies!   … organic or not

Boosting your Immune System and avoiding sugar and other industrially processed foods.

How to treat Hepatitis A without drugs – Most Important 5 Steps

1. Diet – Jonathan Wright, MD – recommends a diet low in protein to diminish the stress on the liver.

  •  whole foods with low hypoglycemic food, organic
  •  small meals (even if you have to eat more frequently)
  •  NO stressor foods: refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine
  •  LOTS of filtered WATER!!!
  •  have at least one salad and steamed (or lightly sauteed vegetables) EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Squeeze fresh lemon juice in water and drink at least a glass every morning and evening, followed by vegetable juice ( my green juice video)

3. Cleansing = give your liver a break and help it out. Your liver is overloaded with toxins and this virus was the last straw!

a. Bowel Cleanse ( and parasite cleanse)
b. Dental (we all know the amalgam story and the mercury poisoning)
c. Kidney Cleanse
d. Liver/gallbladder Cleanse.

Please talk to your doctor before doing any of these cleanses to tell you if your body can do it.

4. Exercise – Sounds crazy? Probably, especially when one of the symptoms is fatigue!

Physical exercise helps cleanse, brings balance and relieves stress. The mild kinds are the best: walking, yoga, meditation, tai chi, Qi Gong, Swimming (in non-chlorinated water!), easy hike, even trampoline jumping!

5.Sweating – to rid your body of toxins

  •  sauna
  •  bundle up
  •  hot tea
  •  cayenne pepper (too much spicy food might take a toll on the liver, so restrain from too many condiments)

Additional Steps

Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin B complex, multi-enzymes => make sure these are quality supplements or you’re going to push your liver overboard

Chlorophyll Enemas 3/day

Hydrotherapy: alternate hot compress (1 minute) and cold compress (5 min), especially for acute infectious hepatitis. Repeat 3 times a day.

Aromatherapy: Rosemary

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