What’s Your Mind Body Relationship?- step 2

Mind Body






Do you focus more on:

When it comes to your mind, which of the following describes it best:

Which one describes you best?

Do you talk to yourself in a negative way e.g.. "I'm so stupid/fat/bad at x,y,z …"

In the middle of a business meeting, you are put on the spot. Are you:

When you are out with friends:

How's your sleep?

Do you worry about what people think of you?

Which is harder for you (when controlled & prolonged):

Any significant anger or low level self-esteem experienced?

Any loss of pleasure in formerly pleasurable activities?


Answer the above 10 questions, remember your result and proceed to the last part of the quiz before you get your RESULT with tips and awesome information to help you get balanced mind and body!


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