A Miracle Happened

Today, a miracle happened… I woke up and checked my Skype messages as my sister left me a few … *** 2days earlier, she had a scooter accident. She is ok!!! Her chin and under lip got scratched so bad she needed stitches; she refused because on her island (Koh Phangan) they do not give anesthetic… right after the accident happened she Skyped me, and first thing I said: let me try this procedure I learned in Pranic Healing class, from Master Stephen Co. Closing wound technique … so I did…closing closing…healing..cleaning…and some more… while on skype with her… 2nd day(yesterday morning LA time) I woke up, did meditation and again…closing wound technique…cleaning..cleansing…closing wound. I was worried a little, but I didn’t give up! She is my sister and I had to try this!.. later I had to go to work, so I asked one of my mentors (Isabel Lacayo) to help me. Last night around 10PM (LA time) Isabel texted me saying she just finished the healing… forward to this morning; my sister’s messages on Skype: ” IT WORKED! MY WOUNDS ARE CLOSED! EVERYONE IS SHOCKED! NO STITCHES! …please keep going and heal so it won’t get infected.. thank you so much!” …. you might be wondering what my reaction was while reading Cristina’s messages ? —  …. LONG BRAIN PAUSE … aaa…. ok maybe the wound wasn’t as bad as I saw/thought/she said… BRAIN PAUSE AGAIN… it was Isabel’s help… read the messages again… texted James, and ONLY when he replied : “Thank God! ” … my brain woke up.. YES!!! THANK GOD !!! IT WORKED!   Te iubesc Cristina!  Atma Namaste!

P.S.: Cristina !!! show us some pictures of your chin  — withCristina Iacob.