My 1st encounter with Bio-Energy: Pranic Healing

I do not remember exactly how old I was when my mother took us, my sister and I, to her friend. Now that I think of it, I will have to ask her why she took us, why she believed in Tina. Tina is a Bio-Energy practitioner, who helped us keep our auras cleaned for a long time, and she was the first to discover my sister’s cyst –which at that time wasn’t so common –>Life saver, I must say!, but that is my sister’s story to tell.


Tina was my mother’s friend, who we would visit pretty often, usually in summer time. She would see her patients at her place, working her magic on them in her kitchen. One day, I remember like it was yesterday, while I was waiting on Tina to start our session, I was waiting in one of her rooms and as usual, I would get pretty toasty and ask for some water. It never occurred to me to tell Tina that while I was waiting on her to take me in, I would get so hot, I felt like I was in a sauna. In my mind I thought everyone is getting pretty warm before their sessions probably because of emotions, nervousness, or something.  In the beginning I used to go with my mom to see Tina and while Tina was working on me in her kitchen, my mom would be there with us and just watch her friend scan me and sweep my aura; mom said to Tina: “ the other day I got a bad headache as I sometimes do, and out of nowhere Alexandra came and because she saw me laying down, she started to pet my head, gently… and just like that she took my headache away!” Tina smiled and she asked me how I was feeling and I said: “ I’m really hot right now! Every time I wait in the other room, for our session to start, I get really toasty! I must be nervous or too excited, cause I cannot stop smiling and feeling like I’m flying when I leave your place J “.  Tina said: “Well I knew you were very open to what I do, and I believe you have more energy than some people do; so next time your mother has a headache try not to touch her head anymore until you reach the age of 18; you take away her pain and until you learn how to do what I do, you could take away her pain and the pain could get stuck on you.”

How do you think I reacted to that? I was probably 12 or so… I dismissed what Tina told me. Yes, I felt “lucky” and superwoman for being blessed with more energy, so I can help people who need it!, but you cannot tell a kid not to help their parent when they are in pain. Her words stayed with me, but only later on I started to understand what she told me more. As time passed by, I remembered less and less what Tina said to me that day; and when I did remember, I didn’t believe it as much. Even though I was witness to her treatments and the miracles she was doing on me and a lot of people (including my sister and mother), that thought in my head – you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure! You know that voice that puts you down: “who do you think you are? Why would you have more energy than some people? What kinds of miracles do you think you will do now? Just go on with your life and get a normal job like the rest of the people and stop with this nonsense!”

It was until I saw the change in my sister as she took her chance and flew to Thailand to learn more in what she truly believed in: holistic nutrition: alternative medicine. Then in January of this year, my boyfriend paid for a class that he said it would help me find myself: “Landmark Forum”. My first thought as I sat there in the introductory class: “Go back and learn what Tina told you to learn! That is your path in life.” So I promised my boyfriend I will learn how to manage my extra charge of energy in order to help those in need.


I found Master Co and through my sister.  She got a newsletter from Master Co’s website:, and she didn’t delete it like she usually does; instead she read this one and she kept it; thus when I asked her if she knew anyone in LA teaching Bio-Energy she directed me to his website.


Few weeks later I enrolled in Master Co introductory class: “Crystal Healing” even though I was not interested in that specific field; I just wanted to meet him face-to-face first before enrolling into his Pranic Healing class. It was worth it! I recommend Pranic Healing Level 1 to everyone! It’s a life changing experience and Master Co is a natural and a true believer in what he is practicing. As we all know, you have to have those 2 gifts in being the best at what you are doing: a natural and a true believer in what you do = be in love with what you are doing and you will succeed because people will believe in you.

I took Pranic Healing Level 1 this past weekend, and now I am planning on taking Level 2 and 3 as soon as possible and become a Certified Pranic Healer. I cannot wait to work with everyone and anyone who needs Pranic Healing. I know I will need my new friends I made in class this past weekend, so I can practice and get a good sweeping now and then

My heart is filled with love and I feel blessed for being where I am right now. I would like to first thank my family, Tina, Luci – my life coach and of course my boyfriend for being such a great support! Namaste! Thank you!



Alexandra Iacob


“Just keep sweeping”