Holistic Nutrition comes from the desire to approach the person and his/her health as a whole, as all there is. We approach the person, not the disease.

Therefore we are looking into each aspect of nutrition and body health, bringing the most personalized diet to each and every one, because we recognize the fact that we are all unique in our body, mind and soul and in the connections among those three.



The old yet new concept that we are what we eat, has been proven to be exactly right by modern science.

You are what you eat

Within 7 years we reconstruct our bodies at a cell level. Did you know that it takes 3 years for your bones to be completely change every single cell within them? Even bones regenerate. So, every 7 years we have a new body that is build with the building blocks that you offered to your system through your nutrition.

It’s our choice if we want to build our bones, muscles and cell organs out of burgers, potato chips and sodas, but then we can’t expect them to perform like a body built on the healthy nutrients that are actually desired by your system -organic vegetables, fruits, grains, good oils and few clean meats and dairy.

Back to the basics

  • pH Balance
  • Digestion/Body Ecology
  • Sleep / Relaxation
  • Cleanse Detox Organs
  • Emotional Issues
  • EMF Exposure
  • Environmental¬† Toxins
  • Physical Exercise


We need to go back to square one and rebuild our most likely faulty way of introducing nutrition to our body and keeping ourselves healthy and happy.

A good holistic nutritionist will attack each and every of these aspects in order to help you identify and remediate the habits and things that get you or keep you sick, and shed light and praise on the ones that are a step forward towards a healthy you.

A personal program around those factors will be constructed for you, as a step-by-step process according to your needs, wants and abilities.


Out with the old = Cleanse / Detox
In with the new = Build immune system
Maintain = Stay healthy & happy





A million diets of all kinds have invaded the market place. We are posting articles on the most popular ones with the pro’s and con’s, research, testimonials and maybe even personal experiences. At your request, we can do research on some that don’t have such a high profile.