This nutritionist eats carbs! Why should I listen to her?


Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t do what the priest does, do what he tells you to do?” Yeah, that one!

Is the doctor who’s supposed to keep you healthy, healthy himself? Following his own advice? Hardly ever to pretty much never!

Or better yet, how about the story where a mother and her little boy go to see Gandhi. When they finally get to talk to him the mother complains about the boy’s huge appetite for sugar and how that is bad for his health and asks Gandhi to tell the boy to stop eating sugar.

What does Gandhi do?

He asks them to come back in 2 weeks with her request.

Puzzled, the mother grabs her son and go back home only to return in 2 weeks’ time.

When Gandhi sees them again, he looks at the boy with a smile and simply says “Don’t eat sugar.”

The mother confused asks Gandhi why he couldn’t just say that 2 weeks ago and save them the trip.

He replied, “I was eating sugar then.”

I love this story!

Because I love it so much, I tried to abide by it in every aspect of my life … until….

I drove myself crazy trying to eat every personalized diet that I was advising my clients to follow.Some ate meat, some could not give up bread entirely, some loved coffee so much they named their pooch “mocha”…

The frutarian diet (eating fruits only) was my limit. No can do! I was whoozy all the time and lost all the pounds that I didn’t have to lose.

Until it finally dawned on me: I tailor diets and nutritional tips according to each and every individual needs and present abilities/willingness. Why aren’t I doing the same for me? Dahhh


 Confession Time 

So, yes! I eat carbs! And I’m not talking about the healthy ones that come from veggies … who would be interested in that weak sauce confession 🙂

Put that hot steaming napkin covered bakery goodies on the table in front of me and I drool like Pavlov’s dogs.

Being a nutritionist, I’m well aware how that delicious freshly out of the oven croissant is coating my colon interfering with the absorption of nutritional goodies, that it feeds my bad gut bacteria which will decrease my serotonin level produced in the gut (sad face me). I know that it depletes my body of B vitamins. Not to mention the gluten and how it spikes my blood sugar levels … etc etc

I know. I know. And I’m aware.

I still indulge!

As I just indulged in a 3 week reset/cleansing diet with no sugar, meat, eggs, bread or dairy. And a lot of green juicing!

I’m conscious of my choices and even if I mostly adhere to healthy lifestyle habits, I do let my “comfort food” take me for a twirl around the room now and then!

Be conscious and aware of what you put in your body! That’s the most real advice any nutritionist can ever give you.

With this in mind, keep your diet real to make it sustainable!