We are going to cover every health topic you can think of. We’ll start with the popular ones and then we’ll add specific ones at your request.

  •     What to eat /not to eat
  •     Supplements … and their dark side
  •     To soy or not to soy
  •     GMOs
  •     EMFs
  •     Pollution
  •     Toxic habits/lifestyle
  •     Detox protocols
  •     Weight loss weight maintenance
  •     Cholesterol
  •     High-blood pressure
  •     Diabetes
  •     General wellness
  •     Vegetarianism and veganism
  •     Skin improvement and anti-aging
  •     Adult allergies
  •    Pranic  Healing practices
  •    Therapeutic Yoga
  •    Meditation
  • … the list goes on and on …

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