Ready to finally get rid of your chronic pain?

Have you tried everything?

Get your life back!

Be able to enjoy all the activities you loved

but stopped doing because of your pain

Have more energy for your business, your family, your dreams!

Stop feeling wiped out at the end of the day just from the pain itself.

Welcome your life back...

It’s time to see how great life truly can be.

To have no limits and just build your dream life
without worrying about pain getting in the way ever again.

Close your eyes and envision your dream life come true

No limits

No pain

No wasted time, effort and money on endless therapies with no lasting results

You are running, biking, hiking, doing yoga ... till endorphins start kicking in

After your short morning ritual, you go directly into working mode with a smile on your face, ready to take your business to the next level - nothing to stop you

You can travel anywhere, anytime

Do anything you want


Enjoy life

So how do you get there?

Follow my steps on my final journey that got rid of my 16 year migraine!

people have gotten rid of their back pain, knee pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, “pinched nerve” pain, bulged disk pain, RSI … you name it …

We’re going to work with the mechanics of pain, learn the physiological and psychological responses, understand them, follow them, learning from them and then implementing strategies and using tools and exercises to release each aspect of the pain we encounter on our journey to a pain free life.

But first, I want to make sure you qualify as
a good candidate for this method:

  • Has your doctor ruled out any serious conditions (cancer, serious heart conditions, immune system irregularities, etc)?
  • Have you tried everything?
  • Are you ready to get rid of your pain?
  • Can you fully commit for the next 6 weeks to this program?
  • Have you done any self development, mindset shifting work?

If you are ready to live pain free...

Choose the package you see most fit to your needs:

Self Study

ONLY $222 ( 2 x $125)

  • weekly modules with different aspects of the pain explained
  • exercises
  • tools
  • homework
  • audio
  • lifetime access
Join - $222
Join - 2 x $125

We Do It Together

ONLY $749 (3 x $275)

  • weekly modules with different aspects of the pain explained
  • exercises
  • tools
  • homework
  • audio
  • lifetime access
  • 6 x 45 min one-on-one sessions with me
  • unlimited email access to me for 6 weeks
Join - $749
Join - 3 x $275

A lot of people SAY they want to get rid of their chronic pain and live an incredible, vibrant life, but the truth is they don’t want to do the necessary work to get there

Some people just try a little bit of this and that and never really commit to any one method. Some stop just shy of getting better. And then others are loving the benefits/attention they get from being in pain.

This is not for them!

I tried everything and never wanted to quit, give in or ID with my chronic pain. It was’t an option for me no matter how hard it was.

I invite you to join me on the journey of a powerful commitment to yourself and to your dream life.

Pain - Hello & Good Bye

is for people who are truly committed to their goal to live a pain free life, not people who are “trying” yet another method. That’s why the price is accessible, but not cheap.

Is this a priority for you or not?

This is not just another program, it’s a final commitment to yourself - for a pain free life!

My best friend referred me to Cristina, as she was doing her program and wanted an accountability partner.

Guess what?! I got rid of my chronic pain before my best friend did and I had this terrible shoulder and neck pain for 4 years longer than she did! Ha! I’m amazed! I’m in awe!

Even if I’m still a bit afraid to attack yet another sport that I left behind after the pain started, I move through it with all the knowledge, tools and exercises Pain - Hello & Good Bye provided me with.

I’ve got my life back! I’ve got my life back!

Don’t you think about it twice! Join me! Get your life back!

Simona G., La Jolla, CA

Life was living hell. Pain was controlling my day and I hated it.

I had my doubts [about Cristina's program], sure, but I was committed. And she was committed even more than I was to see me out of this hell and that kept me going.

She pushed me to start hiking and kayaking (things that I used to love to do but stopped to because of the pain) … it was a process and I was scared, but now 5 weeks later, I just came back from a 4 day camping trip with my family! No pain! My kids are happy to have me back and I love being able to help my husband around the house more now.

Tiffany S., Meridian, ID

What we get into:

Have you tried everything?

Do you feel like just giving up?

I just got so used to living in pain, that I quit fighting it.

I just want to rip this bone out of my back and throw it away.

backed out from doing bridge pose or pushing my limit.

I do however my body is feeling - sometimes not do anything at all.

Letting the pain control your life? What activities you do and don’t do?

Quitting on things you loved to do?

Worried about all the comparison, competition?

Pain — it wears on you, by the end of the day you’re totally wiped out.

Does the cold weather take a toll on you?

Does climate have an influence on your pain?


Once you understand your pain,
then you can see what you can do about it

  • Taking a stroll with your pain, getting to know it intimately, understanding it, seeing it fully saying Hello and then Good bye
  • You follow the pain & understand it


  • Going through the pain, explaining everything
  • What worked, didn’t, what we can do better
  • Give you tools
  • Then work on a different aspect of the pain

In 6 weeks some people see huge results and then keep at it
and others get rid of their pain completely.

It’s a personal journey, no need for comparison. No pressure! No stress! Only a strong unshakable commitment to a life free of the constraints that chronic pain brings with it.

Some people get rid of a very old pain faster than others of a newly acquired one.
There’s no telling until you get deep into the process and follow the pain itself.

My Journey

My debilitating migraines pestered me since college. Working on Wall St made matters even worse, even though I was able to pay for the best of the best MDs, who all came to the same conclusion: 1. we don’t know what causes them; 2. here’s some strong-ass medication - “have fun!”

Acupuncture, chiro work, social diets/nutrition and supplements, massage therapy, physical therapy, reflexology, QRA, EFT, aquatic therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, magnets … you name it, I tried it! I read all the books, tried all the course, watched every video, documentary … Nothing had a lasting effect


I was introduced to therapeutic yoga in Thailand. It worked so well, that I stayed and got certified.

My migraine was alleviated and at times eradicated by therapeutic yoga. It was a miracle!

But then I had to come back to the states and … work for a living …

Even though I enjoy my consulting business and like my clients, it takes a lot of time, dedication, work and sacrifice to build a business.

So, slowly but surely I cut more and more time from my usual private therapeutic yoga practice that I developed back in Thailand for myself and surprise ...

Migraines came back

Started doing therapeutic yoga, but was looking for something more sustainable and attainable when you have a job and a busy life, then a 2 hour daily practice. I couldn’t keep up the daily practice and my business and personal life.

Just in time

I ran into Dr Sarno’s books,  a professor of clinical rehabilitation medicine at NYU School of Medicine with 50 years of experience and studies. He works a lot with the anatomy and mechanics of pain. Believes in the knowledge treatment. "Knowing what’s going on will make it go away"

His books are not an easy read. But I loved them, even if it took me a while to go through them. He explains the physiological part, his studies, but doesn’t draw a map, have a recipe, a plan.

I like to know what to do with the cards that I have in my hand.

Had to figure out a process that works with the knowledge that I got from his studies/books - something practical, a step-by-step.

And because I have tried so many things before, I had many tools to choose from ...

A mindset shifting process around the chronic pain, around the physiological and psychological changes and barriers that we need to understand and work with specific tools to overcome and get rid of.

Once that process took my migraines away, I wanted to share it with the world. I started small with some friends, then a beta testing group which helped me refine the process and I moved on helping even more people.

The result:

“Pain - Hello and Good Bye”

Can’t wait to witness all the “miracles” that it will bring to people’s lives!

Cristina Iacob is the creator of Pain - Hello & Good Bye, a revolutionary approach to supporting strong women get their lives back from time and energy suckers like chronic pain, tension and stress. She draws the map for women who know what they want, have tried everything and now are finally ready to move into their vitality-filled life.

She masterfully guides left-brain thinkers like herself on a logical, studies and physiology-based ride to understanding a better way to live and take care of their mind, body, and soul.

Super curious, devouring every book and course she could get her hands on, along the way she became a Certified Yoga Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, certified Medical Thai Massage Therapist and a certified Chakra Balancing Therapist. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Live Strong, eHow Fitness, Houston Chronical - Fitness and Natural News. Whether you are facing some “health hiccups” or emotional challenges, Cristina has the skills and training to develop a customized program that may very well bring about miracles in your quality of life.

Cristina believes every woman deserves to have a full vital life, heavily sprinkled with joyous moments, love and a sense of fulfilment.

Am I testing my lack of migraine or staying scared it will come back and doing the least things possible that I know used to bring it around?

I’m pushing the limits. I’m running a marathon. Before running would get my neck/shoulders tight, dehydrate me and immediately bring about a 3 day nightmare migraine that didn’t let me sleep at all.

I’m having fun at partied and actually enjoying alcohol! Nothing I was able to do before! Alcohol would give me a migraine almost always! …. Now I’m no lush! … yet!

Slightest sign of dehydration meant certain 3 day migraine torture. Now I only get tight (neck, shoulders), but with no subsequent pain.

… and the party just started!

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia just as good as gone!

Cristina’s program is the best investment you will ever do for yourself. Period.

I know I’ve done a lot of self development and growth courses and read all the books out there and tried everything possible to get rid of my pain ( have you tried the shamanic ceremonies in overheated tents w/ potions and hallucinatory experiences? I have!)

I’m an entrepreneur and I have to work for a living. No one is paying for sick days!

I love my work, I love my clients, but sometimes it was so hard to pull myself together and do what I love to do and I hated not giving my clients my full attention … and potential. I couldn’t for the longest time because it felt like my arms would fall off, my knee or my ankle would explode and I my ability to concentrate or even remember the simplest words sometimes …

But all that is coming to an end! I’m almost done with the 6 weeks program and I’m back at 90%! From here on is just keeping up the amazing work that Cristina has brought into my life.

Not gonna lie to you. The battle had ups and downs and some dark corners, but I’m witnessing my own miracle right now. I wish you all the same! Keep up the work! Trust the process and show up and definitely do the work Cristina’s programs asks for you to do no matter how hard/easy/repetitive or uncomfortable it might seem sometimes. Just do it!

Cristina, “big hug” back to ya

Janice, L., Los Angeles, CA

Cristina Iacob has truly been a God sent to me. At a time in my life where I've had chronic pain for years and life stresses beyond what I thought I could ever handle; overwhelmed, anxiety, defeat , negative thinking .. I have emerged and have wings.. Like a Butterfly! I feel like a new person . Truly .

Cristina is an amazing Life Coach!  She's understanding, kind, compassionate, caring , she stood with me , and walked with me  , encouraged me and was available to me. I enjoyed learning from her and the friendship bond we now have.

I can't express in words the gratitude I feel in working with Cristina .  PRICELESS.  WORTH IT.

I'm so glad I did.

This course was life changing  for me !

I have never learned these techniques and  skills  before. I've always heard the Mind body connection but never understood how it works,  and what it means.

I am now able to be proactive in taking care of my emotional and mental  being . I have knowledge to channel my thoughts in a more positive , Life Giving and Life Receiving Way.

I highly recommend working with Cristina if you've suffered from Chronic Pain. If you stick with the process and do the work , it works !!

P.A., Buffalo , NY