jennifer saksCristina is a magical healer for me! I met her in Thailand, while on vacation, and she was able to clearly draw an easy action plan for me to follow.

I’ve been to all doctors, health practitioners, acupuncturist, tibetan singing bowl healers – you name it – and none got a better understanding of my health issues while being able to focus me on certain important points. I guess she just really actively paid attention to me and listened to me = felt my energy = because she definitely figured out how to help me, by not overwhelming me, nor scare me with impossible diets or strict and immediate habit changes … like others.

She read me perfectly! Finally, someone! After so many years! I followed her simple, concise and completely personalized advice and 3 months later, I’m happy to report that my hormonal imbalance is almost gone. My endocrinologist is amazed. I lost weight, I’m not tired all the time and I’ve started to feel like me again. After so many years.

Thank you so much, Cristina! Looking forward to our skype follow up session!

~  Jennifer Saks, Or. Florida




“I very much enjoyed my in-depth skype consultation. It was a highly valuable information exchange for me. There was an excellent follow up email with a comprehensive breakdown of the points discussed in the call and the steps we agreed to take. Feel I have been given a clear and well-designed plan of action based on a very holistic approach to health. It touches on all the core roots that go to make up a functional and happy human being.

One of my own hobby interests is the study of diet and health and I have read many books, discussions and papers on this topic. Currently I live as an 80/10/10 raw vegan (mainly fruits and leafy greens). I was extremely impressed by Cristina’s nutritional knowledge and how she was able to adapt her recommendations to fit with the lifestyle I personally have chosen to follow. I love that she is non-dogmatic, always learning and studying new research that comes up in this field.

We practice the same system of yoga so I know she has been given relatively rare, high level, traditional yogic knowledge. The yoga based advice that she gives comes from trusted sources that have been proven to work over thousands of years. I feel Cristina has well developed intuition and a genuine love and desire to help people using the knowledge she has been gifted with.”

~  Graeme Davies, UK


Wow! Wow! and Wow again! I can’t wait for my family to get to see me and experience me now! I’ve been working on a 6 month contract overseas and decided to work on my crippling stress and occasional panic attacks.

 Cristina’s program pushed all my buttons, but then released all my crap. There’s still some things I need to work on, but I haven’t had any panic attacks, I’m able to put my anxieties and overwhelm in check and flow with the stressful moments of life, not giving them power over me.

I did not fully believe that yoga and food can do that, but Cristina’s yoga-eat-play definitely fits the bill. I will be forever grateful. 

~ Olivia Popa | Hotel Manager | Cyprus


“Can’t believe you made me “play”. And play I did. My husband thought I went crazy, seeing me juice and following recipes from my laptop, waking up early to do yoga … and especially the music meditation. Haha! You should have seen him roll his eyes when I did vowel pranayama! Did I mention the fact that I followed almost every play idea you had on those weekly lists? It was a push at first, but so much fun once I got into it. You were so right to add them into the program. Definitely reconnected me to a deeper, joyful, fun me. Now my husband wants to enroll in the program, too. Maybe I should do it again with him. I bet it would be good for our relationship too. You are amazing Cristina. And so is your program!”

~ Monica Leon


“As a nurse, I was skeptical at the beginning, but I wanted the recipes and the nutritional tips. I followed Cristina for some time and I knew her expertise in nutrition was up there with the top in the field. In the hospital I work at, we already implemented some yoga therapy for patience for stress, back pain, anxiety and high blood pressure. So, I knew that works but I never did yoga before. Cristina walked me through every pose and alignment and told me the benefits of each and every one of them and explained how it worked. She was able to speak “nurse” to me, which made me trust her and her knowledge even more. The entire program is well organized, full of information, beautifully presented and easy to follow. The most important thing is that it works and delivers what it promises and even more (for me!) I’m able to decompress after my rough shifts, still have energy to deal with my personal life with “a smile on my face” and I feel like I should follow this program for much longer than the 8 weeks that I paid for. It really works!”

~ Ioana Pd – nurse


I signed up because I had awful migraines that were brought on by my stressful life. I was overwhelmed and my medication was not cutting it. Tired of it, I looked for something revolutionary. I’ve been looking for almost 2 years now. I stopped believing that I’d find something that would work for me, so when I saw your program I thought “that the heck, I’ll try this one too.” I’m in my 6th week and I’m ecstatic! Thank you for not letting me quit in week 2, when I went through my rough patch. The results that I got are almost surreal. No migraine since week 2, don’t need ambien to go to sleep, I can concentrate better and much faster on tasks at hand (thank you for those focus improvement techniques) and I do feel like I can get my “relaxation on demand”. Love the weekly tools, still practicing most of them. My family and friends say I changed, that my face and body look completely relaxed and bright. 

~ Alexa Dawson