~ Pranic Healing Level 1 ~ experience

My Pranic Healing Level 1 ~ class experience


Wow! Where to start? It has been a life changing experience 🙂 No I will not tell you in detail how I had the most amazing meditation experience – me! Who I barely can keep it still for 10 minutes… I will say this: I opened up so much throughout this class,  when Master Co walked us through “Twin Hearts “ Meditation, at the end of the last day, I went in so deep in my meditation, afterwards I could not stop myself from shaking.


For those of you who know me, you will trust me when I say this: I FELT blessed for learning Pranic Healing and for taking the right path in my life, finally! The meditation was so intense for me, I started shaking… the only thing that kept me somehow still so I could finish the meditation was the voice of my grandmother – whose name I carry, Maria. After we were done, I had to ask Master Co for help! I could not stop from shaking; felt like chills down my spine and through my entire body. The entire weekend opened my crown chakra so much that after the meditation, I gained excess energy, so Master Co helped me clean out and wash me from all the extra energy.


My first day: I walked in the class and even though I knew in my heart I am in the right class and I was fully open, I shut down after talking to a woman. She was so excited that her vibe and super enthusiasm, scared me. As a result, in the 1st few hours on my first day, I was not entirely there. On our first break I had the privilege of having lunch with the Master and his volunteers; guess who I met!?  a Romanian guy who has been following and volunteering for Master Co since 2003. Edward has a clinic in Hollywood; he offered me his help, anytime I have questions, and encouraged me to keep at it as much as I can after the class is over. Talking to Edward helped me fully open again and take all the information we were given the rest of the weekend.  Just watch Master Co’s videos and you will understand what I am talking about. His personality is so incredible, that it makes you want to go to all his classes and follow him around the world, just so you can learn more! 🙂

So I will tell you a few things I learned:

When you feel emotionally bombarded, cross your arms on your chest – you know, that position you take when you feel uncomfortable, or talking to a stranger, or maybe having a fight… Cross your arms, so the other person’s energy will not hit you full on. If after your encounter you still feel heavy loaded, do this little exercise: imagine a cord that comes out of your spleen (that is under the stomach-on left side, for most people: 🙂 put your hand in front of you, palm of your hand facing you(right hand or left hand, no matter which one) and make a cut like move with your hand, and say it in your head or out loud: I cut the bad cord that connects me to _____ . Why the “bad cord”? Because we have 2 cords that connect us to people we know, we think we know or we don’t know: good cords and bad cords; although you cannot cut the good cords, you want to say the “bad cord” just to be as specific as you can in order for this exercise to work more properly. Do this movement 2-3times, breath in, relax, and LET GO! 🙂


You know those bath salts that make us feel so relaxed? They actually clean our auras. So if you would like to be more specific on that, take a relaxing bath: add 1-2lbs of salt (dead salt if you can) and 15-20drops of lavender oil. No more than 30 minutes bath! Do not shave and do not take the bath if you have any cuts.


Master Co is a true blessing! If you can take his class do it, if not, watch his FREE videos on his website: www.pranichealing.com

If you have any concerns and questions I could help you with, shoot me an email or leave me a comment here

Namaste! God bless! 🙂