How Revitalize Mind Body Soul was born! 

Welcome to my world – Revitalize Mind, Body & Soul ! I am Cristina Iacob!

Here you will discover holistic ways to deal with most health conditions, or health hiccups, as I lovingly call them. Because I am a do-it-yourself kinda gal, I generally assume that the world is like me (or at least aspires to be 🙂 and I freely share my research, my findings and conclusions with you wholeheartedly with a genuine desire to be helpful and put health back into your own hands.

Articles, videos and studies on Authentic Therapeutic Yoga — the real deal!

Authentic therapeutic yoga teaches us ways to:

  • balance our nervous system,
  • improve digestion and circulation,
  • normalize heart beats and blood pressure,
  • be independent of asthma medicine,
  • tremendously help with health hiccups like diabetes, depression, infertility, impotence,
  • reign in anxiety and panic attacks
  • suppleness and flexibility of the muscles and joints
  • healthy tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, lymph

as well as:

  • balance and unity Mind, Body & Soul
  • increases memory, cognitive functions
  • ability to focus better and longer
  • sharpening of the senses
  • brings back your natural vitality

Since I started blazing my own path in the realm of alternative medicine, I’ve been overwhelmed with all the information overload! So many sources, too many opinions, lack of actual studies to back up the information provided … I’ve always wished for ONE source, that I trust, to get all my health & alternative medicine resources and news from to save me the pain of hours of research, energy and all the wasted money on the new and miraculous “product” that later on proved to be not-that-fab!

Plus, I’ve always wanted a simple & concise Action Plan that I could follow and see my health and my vitality improve in a sustainable way!

So, I created Revitalize Mind Body & Soul!