What anxiety drugs do to you!

Have you ever wondered what those anxiety pills do to you? Physically, emotionally and mentally?

Why do they work or not work? Any side effects that you never thought of before ?

I always wanted to know … so I did my research… as usual ūüôā

When you tell your doctor you feel anxious what happens next? Most likely, you get anxiety pills prescribed to you.

Anxiety drugs are prescribed to countless individuals who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and other disorders. These drugs have their fair share of harmful problems, but there are people that do actually benefit from them, especially if they are combining them with another type of drug or therapy.

Side effects – how dangerous?

In some cases, the effects of anxiety drugs can be very severe. However, the side effects are not the most dangerous aspect of the medication. The main reason anxiety drugs can be harmful to people is because they cause psychological and physiological dependence.

That is when your body and mind actually rely on the drug to cope with anxiety and it becomes extremely difficult to stop taking the medication. Drug dependency causes two main problems; first the medication will generally stop having an effect on the body as it has become tolerated, and weaning off of the drug incorrectly will result in serious withdrawal. Withdrawing off of these anxiety drugs can result in increased depression, seizures, and sensitivity.

Anyone who is on anxiety drugs or thinking about taking them should avoid falling victim to the dependence of the drug. Without proper stress coping mechanisms, these types of medication will actually set you back further on your road to recovery.

It is important to note that there are many varieties of anxiety drugs and not all of them have the same side effects. For instance, Buspirone has very few side effects at all, while Benzodiazepines have very prominent side effects that affect many users. Out of these two examples, doctors are more likely to prescribe Benzodiazepines, because they have a stronger effect on their patients.

The most common side effects from Benzodiazepine are as follows:
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Hypertension
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Decreased Libido
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Nausea
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Depression
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Memory Loss
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Emotional Dysfunction
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Lack of Coordination

In contrast, the most common side effects from Antidepressants are as follows:
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Headaches
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Dizziness
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Diarrhea
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Sexual Dysfunction
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Weight Fluctuation

Both types of anxiety drugs can also have paradoxical effects, in which case a person’s anxiety actually worsens instead of seeing an improvement. For some, this can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. Beyond that, it’s rare for anxiety drugs to show truly life threatening side effects.

Some people can also incur dangerous health problems from these medications including heart problems, pulmonary hypertension, increased bleeding, and bad interactions with other medications. As mentioned previously, Benzodiazepines need to be weaned off slowly overtime as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite dangerous.

Have anxiety medications been given a worse reputation than they deserve? They can cause some serious side effects, but generally are well tolerated and non severe. However, when you combine the risk of the potential side effects with the psychological/physiological dependence – you run the likelihood of losing your ability to cope with stress in the future.

Anxiety drugs should only be used as a last resort. Be aware of the effects of anxiety drugs and ensure a safer lifestyle.