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When I went to intern in Thailand, I was surprised when a doctor told me I was emotionally depressed. As I was trying to process what she said it was a huge blow to my ego. We tend to have misconceptions around the words anxiety and depression and in our modern society we look at these diagnoses as something negative.

When I reframed the word depression through the yoga and Ayurvedic lens, I realized that we all have areas where we lack in physical, mental, and emotional areas. It turns out people I really admire and respect have areas of depression in their life. It’s actually quite normal to be balanced and imbalanced in different parts of your life.

These symptoms are a part of life and when you become more aware of it. When you stop fighting what you think the words mean then you can truly heal your mind and body. I created this quiz to spark a necessary conversation about your mind and body to help you get centered and balanced.