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Stress -------- Anxiety --------- Chronic Pain ?

Time to finally breathe in relief

With everything I do and offer, I want to be the bridge to a place where you have the strength to go through the ups and downs of life without physical or emotional pain.

And the flexibility to quickly come back to that balanced state where you feel at peace and in control of your emotions and body. I want you to feel empowered - in your own health (mental, emotional and physical) and your own life!

If you want to strengthen your mind and body, I invite you to choose from these programs + sessions led by yours truly:

28 Day Yoga Fix + Challenge | $67 for Lifetime Access

Challenges begin at the start of each month, so you can get a fresh start to your health every 28 days.

 28 Day Yoga Fix gives you:

You are worth it— commit to yourself and invest in your health!

  • Morning yoga purifications, yoga practices & nutritional advice - poured into your body & mind little by little for four weeks.
  • 25 Minute Morning Yoga Fix, an ebook filled with tips to increase vitality and energy, improve focus and banish mental fogginess, keep colds, the flu and allergies away.
  • A Daily Challenge paired with videos that will jumpstart your energy, get rid of allergies or sinus problems, get you more focused and boost your immune system.
  • Online Facebook support, so you can get all of your questions answered throughout your 28 day journey.
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Private 1:1 Sessions with Cristina | 1-3-6 month package

Providing you the space & guidance to transition you out of emotional & physical pain or discomfort & gain strength and flexibility

Private 1:1 Sessions with Cristina gives you:


  • One personalized 90 min 1:1 assessment & goal setting with personalized action plan sent to your inbox.
  • Follow ups for adjustments via Skype to help you take your improved health to the next level.
  • Posture analysis
  • Personalized nutritional guidelines
  • Personalized relaxation & play time
  • Accountability and safe space
  • 28 Day Yoga Fix + Challenge paired with videos that will jumpstart your energy, get rid of allergies or sinus problems, get you more focused and boost your immune system.

I only accept up to 20 committed participants in one month & I look forward to connecting with you.

I will email you back within 24 hours & we'll go from there! 🙂

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

The Finer Details

Refunds or Guarantees: There are no refunds or guarantees once our session is booked. The best guarantee is showing up, being willing to do the work, and to face the things that are holding you back.

Before you RSVP for a Skype session be sure that you will have reliable internet access.

Yoga Eat Play sessions are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health issue please see a Doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional.

Access Your Relaxation On Demand | from $97 for Lifetime Access

 This self-led eight week yoga-eat-play program to get you back to your balanced, relaxed yet focused happy self!

Access Your Relaxation On Demand gives you:

You are worth it— commit to yourself and invest in your health!

  • Eight weeks of training to understand the mechanics of yoga and stress. Build a yoga practice to support your health with a self assessment form.
  • Yoga-Eat-Play - my signature format teaches you how to do and learn Yoga moves, Eat delicious balanced food and Play to relax your soul!
  • Gourmet recipes - healthy, delicious and simple meals designed by my good friend who is an awesome “Le Cordon Bleu” chef. Each recipe comes with cooking, while building your nutritional reservoir to get your energy levels soaring!
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New Programs

Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Back Pain | $247 for Lifetime Access

Program that will show you the link between Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Back Pain and then offer a solution that worked for all my clients:

Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Back Pain gives you:

You are worth it— commit to yourself and invest in your health!

  • The step-by-step program that worked for Anna - featured in Huffington Post article "Is Anxiety or Stress Causing Your Back Pain"
  • Yoga-Eat-Play - my signature format teaches you how to do and learn Yoga moves, Eat delicious balanced food and Play to relax and release the stress, anxiety & chronic back pain
  • Variations on Anna's program based on different root causes of the back pain - upgrades and more variations will be added as they show up (lifetime access means you are going to have access to all upgrades of this program)
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What Women Are Saying:

Migraines Are Gone

I signed up because I had awful migraines that were brought on by my stressful life. I was overwhelmed and my medication was not cutting it. Tired of it, I looked for something revolutionary.

I’ve been looking for almost 2 years now. I stopped believing that I’d find something that would work for me, so when I saw your program I thought “that the heck, I’ll try this one too.” I’m in my 6th week and I’m ecstatic! Thank you for not letting me quit in week 2, when I went through my rough patch.

The results that I got are almost surreal. No migraine since week 2, don’t need ambien to go to sleep, I can concentrate better and much faster on tasks at hand (thank you for those focus improvement techniques) and I do feel like I can get my “relaxation on demand.” Love the weekly tools, still practicing most of them. My family and friends say I changed, that my face and body look completely relaxed and bright.

Alexa Dawson
Alexa Dawson Salena Blanc Inc, Danmark

Easy Weight Loss, No Overwhelm

Finally someone! She figured out how to help me, by not overwhelming me with diet, or strict and immediate habit changes like other programs. I could follow her simple, concise and completely personalized advice. I lost weight, I’m not tired all the time and I’ve started to feel like me again. After so many years. Thank you so much Cristina!

Jennifer Saks
Jennifer Saks Orlando, Florida

Happiness and Holistic Approach to Health

Access Your Relaxation On Demand  is a clear and well-designed plan of action based on a very holistic approach to health. It touches on all the core roots that make up a functional and happy human being.


Graeme Davies
Graeme Davies Assistant Professor, UK & Thailand

Practical Approach to Yoga Healing

'Access Your Relaxation on Demand' program worked wonders for me. I was skeptical to begin with, but Cristina’s not an "everything is energy" hippie. She explains everything using anatomy, which makes sense to me and I trust her explanations.

Her yoga gave me more benefits than she promised. I finally understand what she means by play and with a busy schedule like mine … I now do find time to play! You will too! And the recipes … oh so delicious and fast! You are in for a real treat and a huge change with multiple surprises! Go for it!

Dora Borely
Dora Borely QA Expert & Mother , Romania

Invaluable Advice and Kindness

While going through an emotional turmoil and anxiety, Cristina’s therapeutic yoga expertise and nutritional advice were invaluable. Her personal touch, her genuine kindness and care have no equal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Anna Pihlgren
Anna Pihlgren Annuttara Wellness

Reconnected to Joy and Fun

Can’t believe you made me “play”. And play I did. My husband thought I went crazy, seeing me juice and following recipes from my laptop, waking up early to do yoga … and especially the music meditation. Haha!

You should have seen him roll his eyes when I did vowel pranayama! Did I mention the fact that I followed almost every play idea you had on those weekly lists? It was a push at first, but so much fun once I got into it. You were so right to add them into the program.

Definitely reconnected me to a deeper, joyful, fun me. Now my husband wants to enroll in the program, too. Maybe I should do it again with him. I bet it would be good for our relationship too. You are amazing Cristina. And so is your program!

Monica Leon
Monica Leon Transformational Health, Spain

Guarantees and The Finer Details

Yoga Eat Play courses are primed and ready to be enjoyed all year long. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the resources.


If you complete all of your work from the first four weeks and you show the completed assignments and you have been active in the Facebook group, and it isn’t helpful in any way to your life, you can have a full refund within 30 days of purchase date.

Before you RSVP for a class be sure that you will have reliable internet access. You don’t need to know all the online tricks (just the basics with a passion for learning new yoga and nutrition skills), but if learning new tools scares you then you should probably hold off on joining us.

Why I Created These Programs

I remember the days when I would wake up in the morning tired, bloated and annoyed, maybe even feeling like I got the sniffles. Because I'm no Ms. Perfect, I still have those days now and then.

Oh boy, all I want to do when that happens is to stay under the covers and let some other perky fool greet the new day for me, too! Thailand changed that for me! ... And I became that perky fool 🙂

Let me explain. Interning at Amrita Healing Center in Thailand, shadowing the medical director, learning about the unlimited, powerful and healing world of alternative medicine changed my entire view on life and the healing powers of our own bodies. When treated right, I saw miracles happen on a regular basis.

The improvements in these patients were sustainable and the level of health improvements depended on the patient and the level of commitment to their own well being and health.

Guess what! Yoga therapy, the real yoga therapy, taught from ancient Sanskrit right from its source and not diluted will teach your mind and body to be strong and keep commitments by fortifying your will power. So, you can say bye-bye to procrastination and excuses. Say hello to your vibrant, healthy, revitalized mind, body and soul!