Yoga, Power Poses & Confidence

Only 2 minutes of Power Posing can increase confidence and positive outcome!

You’ve probably heard it before “Fake it until you make it!” or “Dress for success!” or other positive affirmation doodles and noodles that you’ve most likely said “Yeah, sure!” to.

Well, Amy Cuddy , a researcher at Harvard University, speaks pretty eloquently on “winning poses or power poses” in her  “Your body language shapes whop you are” talk on

According to the study conducted by herself and other fellow researchers at Harvard university, power posing for only 2 minutes increases the testosterone levels (dominance, confidence hormone) and decreases cortisol (stress hormones) – which equal to more confidence and more positive or successful outcomes!

Cheers to that!

Yoga, in its all wonderful stretching wonder is mostly revolving around poses that look amazingly similar to power poses! Body aligned, straight back, open chest, shoulders back, smile on! 🙂

yoga power poses

Yoga – Eat-Play!

To Your Health!