The ancient practice that connects Mind, Body and Soul with the help of poses, breathing techniques, and meditation has slowly made its way to the western world.

Nowadays yoga’s therapeutic benefits are becoming more and more well known and appreciated  even by the medical circles, as it has already been proven by numerous studies to have amazing healing effects on body, mind and soul.

Stress management is one of the most highly recommended paths for alleviating the big majority of diseases. The doctor tells us to take a day off, go on vacation, meditate and take some yoga classes. This happened only after modern studies have proven time and again that Yoga Therapy has hundreds of benefits:

Body Health Benefits

From lowering blood pressure to alleviating fibromyalgia.

  • Blood pressure & Cardiovascular Stress– better oxygenation of the body and blood circulation obtained by sticking to a consistent yoga practice
  •  Organs health – yoga has proven to massage all internal organs which keeps them healthy and strong
  •  Gastrointestinal functions – improved
  • Metabolism balance – for a healthy weight and lots of vitality.
  • Immunity – certain poses will activate the immune system. Consistent practice of these poses will keep your immune system at its peak.
  • Pain tolerance – through poses, breathing techniques and meditation, yoga has shown to lessen and even eliminate a large variety of pain.
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal misalignment and joint problems
  • Aging – process slowed down by balance of mind-body and soul, improved immunity, circulation, nutrient absorption, stress reduction, etc

Mind Health Benefits

  • Calms down overactive mind – especially Hatha Yoga
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks – poses and breathing techniques that balance and provide more oxygen-rich air to our bodies.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related syndromes
  • Depression – alleviated and eliminated by a combination of poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Energy workers believe that negative energy is cleared through the practice of yoga, therefore negativity is slowly and continuously released leading to a reduction of depression.
  • Memory – exponentially improved by better blood circulation, stress reduction and targeted focus.

Soul/Emotional Health Benefits

  • Endocrine system balance – which keeps hormones in balance and promotes better overall emotional health
  • Mood swings – alleviated and eliminated by a combination of poses, breathing techniques and meditation
  • Self-Acceptance – through mediation
  • Positive outlook on life – the balancing of hormones and nervous system brought on by continued yoga practice brings about a more stable, positive approach to life
  • Increase your ability to love and be loved – by working on Anahata chakra


The list of benefits goes on and on.

Yoga, at a more etheric level, is seen as a detox of the energy channels which brings about complete health at a body-mind-soul level!

A yoga therapist will be qualified to build you a personalized yoga practice and advise you on best nutrition and lifestyle changes that will support and enhance your practice and accelerate your desired results.